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The Standard in Decorative Concrete Restoration Products

Smart Colour stain to restore concrete surfaces

Colour Hardener

Use on horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces [incl blocks] to restore previously coloured or rejuvenate old, tired surfaces, internally or externally.

A cost effect way of revitalizing & beautifying existing concrete. They are not paints but hard wearing, penetrating stains that obliterate existing blemishes. A wide range of effects limited only by your imagination – marbled veining, leather look, rag roll, etc., etc.

NewLook® SmartColour Stain™ is a water-based, premium quality concrete colour stain used to add colours, patterns and unique decorative effects to previously coloured surfaces or to rejuvenate old, tired-looking concrete.
Multi coat applications are used to build visual textures, faux effects, veining, etc. Please our gallery for a few examples.
A high-end finish, limited only by the designer’s imagination, is achievable at a most modest cost.Since 1989 this non acid, non toxic concrete colour maintenance system has been refined and perfected over millions of square metres.
A water based Non Acid stain that penetrates the surface of porous concrete, staining to almost any desired colour with a tenacious bond – no stripping, flaking or peeling & no solvent smells – and will even recolour dark to light.
None of the mess associated with reactive acid etching and unlike acid, the colours are predictable and replicable. Logos are also easy and accurate to install as are complex patterns, borders, etc..

Special Properties

  • A wide range of standard colours plus bespoke service
  • Visual textures & patterns easily applied
  • Unique decorative effects – marbled veining, leather look, faux effect, etc., where you are limited only by your imagination
  • Logos and patterns easily achieved
  • Premium water-based, modified-polymer formula
  • No VOCs, environmentally friendly

NewLook® SmartColour Stains offer a decorative and interesting alternative to plain grey concrete and is far more cost effective than overlays, screeds or most other finishes.
It is ideal for interior floors, architectural design projects, civic buildings, shopping areas and any projects requiring a coloured, decorative floor or paved area with hard wearing properties.

Main Applications

  • Driveways, roadways and car-parks
  • Kitchens, conservatories and garages
  • Shop floors, car showrooms, trade counters
  • Footways & pedestrian precincts
  • Hotels, gold clubs, civic buildings

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Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data sheets:

On all our product are available from the Tech Sheetarea of our website or from our Office.

Technical Support:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are staining or sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a professional Specifier with a technical query, please call us on 01204 523973 or email: – we are here to help.

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